MOVICORTES ANGOLA has created a special service for the internal market but also to support customers with work in other places of Africa.

This on-site assistance service offers solutions structured according to the needs of the customer and the work, reducing the risks associated with moving equipment to other countries and to often remote locations. In addition, the company is often called upon by the suppliers themselves to offer equipment monitoring and assistance in several African countries.

This service has three levels, with different prices and conditions:

1. Training / Delivery
Inspection and technical monitoring of equipment delivery.
Technical and operational training on site or on site, for: operators, foremen, works managers and equipment maintenance managers.

2. Scheduled maintenance
Technical monitoring of equipment, as long as the customer deems it necessary.

3. On-site support
Monitoring and technical assistance of equipment on site, as long as the customer deems it necessary.


  • Technicians with experience in Africa
  • Placement of parts on site quickly
  • Permanent and immediate availability
  • Specific equipment for the Angola market


  • Qualified service and genuine parts
  • Reduced downtime on site
  • Costs reduction (total costs of ownership)
  • Increased productivity and profitability